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                1. Home > Products > Cable Fault Locator > GZD-400A Cable Fault Locator

                  GZD-400B Cable Fault Locator

                  General description

                  The GZD-400B is specially designed with Murry method for all kinds of breakdown faults of laid cables, including low resistance, high resistance, flashover breakdown faults, etc. Of course, it is quite suitable for cable fault location in the cable factory.

                  Technical data

                  • DC voltage output is 0 to 15kV
                  • Shortcut current is 50mA
                  • Accuracy of the pre-location is ±(0.2%·L±1)m
                  • Weight: 10kg
                  • Size (length´width´height): 38 cm×36 cm×27 cm
                  • Work power: AC 220 V±10%