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        HDL-1B Pin-pointing Equipment


        The Pin-pointing equipment is a directional acoustic listening device for the pinpointing of flash-over faults on power cables. State-of-the-art technology and ease of handling enables even users without training to precisely locate cable fault in conjunction with a surge generator (thumper).


        The pin-pointing equipment measure the signals received by specially developed magnetic and acoustic sensors, which are integrated in one housing.

        The trace of the buried cable can be determined by the direction and the intensity of the magnetic field, produced by the impulse current of a surge generator (for example, HDBM-30/4).

        The acoustic locating is done by measuring the flash-over noise. A switchable filter is built-in to optimise the measurement. A coincidence measurement is possible by receiving and indicating the signals of both sensors simultaneously.


        • Light-weight receiver with carrying straps.
        • Handy sensor. 
        • Excellent acoustic characteristics.
        • Switchable filter againse ambient noise.
        • Bargraph-indication of the magnetic field strength for locating the cable path.
        • LC-Display for clear readout.
        • Indication of battery condition.
        • High reliability by using rain-proof foil keys.
        • Rugged build for field operation.

        Technical Data

        • Pin-pointing error:          10% of cable depth
        • Tracing error:              10% of cable depth
        • Display range:              0.00mS to 99.9 mS 3 digit display 
        • Power supply:              7.2V/4.4Ah lithium battery. Work for 10 hours continuously
        • Dimension:                approx. 250mm×130mm×90mm
        • Weight:                   approx. 1.2kg
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