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        TDR Cable Fault Location System

        The system includes five parts. They are, respectively, GZD-400A HV bridge locator, HDTDR-200 cable fault locator, HDBM-30/4 cable fault location power, HDL-1B pin-pointing instrument, and ZGH-60kV/500mA cable fault burning power. Each part can be separately used.


        This system includes TDR method and Murry bridge method. With this system, we can locate almost all types of cable faults effectively and conveniently. GZD-400A can be used to pre-locate high resistance based on Murry method conveniently. HDTDR-200 can be used to pre-locate broken and high resistance fault based on TDR method. HDBM-30/4 and HDL-1B can be used to pin-point the fault. ZGH-60kV/500mA can be used to burn down any kind of high resistance in short time.

        Technical Data

        GZD-400A HV bridge locator

        • Output maximum voltage:  5kV and 15kV (alternative)
        • Location error         :  ±(0.2%·L+1) m
        • Weight               :  10kg
        • Dimensions           :  38cm(L)×36cm(W)×27cm(H)
        • Work power:       50Hz AC 220V±15%


        HDTDR-200 Cable fault locator

        • Low voltage pulse output voltage: 60V
        • Pulse width: 40ns 100ns 200ns 500ns 1µs 2µs 5µs 10µs (options)
        • Fault location error: ±0.4m (V=160m/µs)
        • Maximum length measurement for cable: 50km (V=160m/µs)
        • Operating power: Input 200~240V (50/60Hz), DC9V output
        • Weight: 5kg
        • Dimension: 35cm × 26cm × 15cm


        HDBM-30/4 cable fault location power

        • Output voltage range: 0~15kV continuous and being adjusted
        • Impact energy :     1800J
        • Pulse capacity:     4uF
        • Dimensions:       38cm(L)×38cm(W)×79cm(H)
        • Weight:           65kg
        • Work power:       50Hz AC 220V±15%


        HDL-1B pin-pointing instrument

        • Pin-point error with sound wave and electromagnetic method: 10% depth of the cable.
        • Location error of path: 10% depth of cable.
        • Operating power: 7.2V/4.4Ah Lithium battery operated, when full can work continuously for 10hours.
        • Weight: 1kg
        • Dimension: 21cm×9.6cm×10cm


        ZGH-60kV/500mA cable fault burning power

        • Voltage output:   0~60kV
        • Current output:   0~500mA
        • Maximal burning power: 1000W
        • Dimension:     30cm×46cm×50cm
        • Weight:        17kg


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