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        HDM-15/8E Surge Wave Generator for Cable fault location

        HDM-15/8E Surge Wave Generator   for Cable fault location


        HDM-15/8E Surge wave generator’s functions are as follows:

        1.  It can output DC HV impulse, its maximum voltage is 15kV DC, energy is 900J per surge impulse. Cooperating with HDL-1B Acoustic-Magnetic pinpointer, it can:

        n  Pin-point the exact cable faults include high resistance, flashover and other fault points.

        n  Judge the cable path and position, indentify the specific cable.

        n  To dead-short points, it can pinpoint with magnetic method.

        2.  Cooperating with HDTDR-200 TDR Cable Fault Locator, it can use ICM(Impulse Current Method) to pre-locate cable fault.(See other Welldone files for detail.)

        3.  Its powerful burning ability make it to burn the breaking point to low resistance fault with short time.

        4.   It can be used for DC withstanding test.


        l  The whole equipment is trolley case. Its structure is compact and robustness.

        l  Is can be moved with wheels and pull rod. Transportation is very easy.

        l  While by public vehicles, such as train, plane, it can be easily carried.

        l  SMPS make it light, and isolated from power grid to minimize EMC noise.

        l  It can be discharged automatically after HV OFF, and make the capacity and cable grounded. This is to ensure the safety.

        l  The frequency of surge pulse and surge pulse energy is constant.

        Technical Parameters

        ■  Surge & DC output(-)                        0~15kV,continuously and adjustable

        ■  Burning Power(max.)                        500W

        ■  Charging Capacity                             8mF

        ■  Impulse Energy per time(max.)       900J

        ■  Dimensions(L×W×H)                  50cm´40cm´46cm

        ■  Weight                                                  32kg

        ■  Working Power                                    220V±15%/50Hz

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